Buku  di atas adalah nukilan Allahyarham Pak Wa...
Buku berkaitan dengan Selawat Nabi. Semoga pembaca dapat manfaat dari buku ini dan semoga manfaat itu menjadi amal jariah buat allahyarham, Al Fatihah...


To continue my story I first want to apologize to my teacher because to write this blog without notifying him and ask permission from him first. Through this room, all I want to write a little about the history of Silat Gerak Halilintar. I plan to write the purpose of this silat because want to thank my teachers (now departed spirit Teacher Murad) who has all knowledge to children who have students learn and become children of students. Without thought he was dead tired even though in pain, so he exhale the last breath. His kindness heart and taking the time to College can not be assessed from the wang Ringgit and any diamond and only Allah can regard and bless him. Nevertheless there are still students who have children sometimes make the hearts of teachers and injured shoulder at the end of his life. His only wish is not all that someone can be fullfill and met a teacher rely on his conditions and also on the feasibility to be someone to lead the perguruan permanently. Things that matter violate customary when teachers are reluctant to be reproved by openly accepted and eventually create a scandal and ruin the silat. That often applies in the Perguruan Persilatan wilt now. When someone was something triumphant in the field of violence itself that makes it successful is not the blessing of the knowledge learned from the teachers existing. Then appear teachers who do not recognise who brought the teachings songsang and misleading as we have heard in a newspaper. There are also children of teachers said that when the teacher is going to die then he will recognize the students. Sometimes when the offense also heard the story so.
Silat Gerak Halilintar that I would describe this from Tg Pinang, Indonesia. Throughout I became expert Perguruan Silat is a lot of aid given by God in perform my tasks that is to enforce the law. Furthermore I work as a member of the national security. In the beginning my first duty (before I act) various allegations and obstacles that I face. I was attacked by criminal until my nose and ears hurt, and almost caused the death. But thanks to science teacher and learned that with the permission of God I survived the accident spot that is not desirable. I never pursue bad guys and fall motorsikal roll did not experience any wound or broken leg with the permission of Allah. In the case I did not learn any science immune. Alhamdulillah I survived and protected from any accidents and criminals is caught that is successful with the permission and help from God.
Exercise style Apart from the prayers that are taught and the defense and catch the buah also taught. If you want the story buah is not much defense. But there are (4) the defense is also only the same as the other Perguruan. Before exercise run hot body (senaman silat) also taught that self esteem the pengamal silat can be felt during training time . In practice senaman Silat breathing exercises also requested. Exercises like to balance the air, water and food are also located within the body of our body (stomach). In addition to the prayers of the key and note body diperturunkan to avoid rather than attack of black magic, sorcery and science are also greedy people who are evil to those eligible.
Exercise is not executed and impose heavy. Silat training may occur in space and the size of a small sphere only one tray. Similarly it can be trained in the house. The movement only slightly. Apart from the defense, catch the buah and kuncian also taught. Use the defense that consists of the empty hand portion 4. First, defense from attacks from the top, second; attack from the middle has two types of defense and attack of the third down. To finesse this level it takes a lifetime. (60 hour period of exercise). Perhaps in this ranking students silat easily feel bored and began to feel this exercise is not irksome, and began to come to class exercises. and end of the self-interest. At this level this dogol exercise belebat (belebat empty) is also taught. In the exercise belebat pergerakkan tumbuk seturut and also taught tumbuk songsang (not the teachings songsang). In this ranking exercise also nipis body also taught to eschew tumbuk and also thrust without using any buah defense. On this ranking is a need to have courage and confidence is also high because not easy to shrug off any attack empty attacks want more of the weapons fire more bullet-without-eyed. (The expression of words in the song track Sanisah Huri in the green shirt) . without using any buah and also the defense catch. Defense weapons that use tekpi (sai karate term) and the rod is also taught. Both types of weapons also has method defense and catch the same. Defense in the top, middle, and also above ground pergerakkan also taught. All fruit kuncian if done with perfect can not be opened and may cause broke if the opponent try to escape. (This exercise requires a period of 360 hours to make that someone conversant) BUAH catch AND KUNCIAN This learning in the fruit and catch kuncian have 4 buah keadah catching and kuncian. Each prisoner had kuncian and some fraction. The overall number of approximately 23 units. Most of the catch is he does not like snakes will attack and peck and remove it if it can not be disturbed. As a member of securityuniform will not use violence unless the catch and carry out required. During the fight not all buah and catch lock used. But only one attack is enough. Proportionate in conducting prisoner almost criminals try efforts to escape and fled from being caught, power by the brace. At this level this prayer subjugator asked that criminals not act violent and successfully caught.
Apart from the physical movement, traditional healing also taught for the purpose of themselves, their families and those-who need help. Practice verses pendinding way of Muhammad Rasulallah s.a.w the last prophet, also be given to experts to avoid interference beings and also the smooth angkar magic man. Jurus perubatan only have 6 level . To this moment experts persilatan forced to exercise for a month. Physically strong and steady breathing is very important for someone silat experts to those interested in the field of traditional perubatan. Not all experts silat may be traditional or pengamal perubatan tradisioanal. Things like this depend on the feasibility of someone tauliah of experts and also from teachers.
Generally intipati Silat is as follows:
Gelanggang 1 - SENAMAN PUSAKA
Gelanggang 2- Jurus-1 Jurus-2 Jurus-3 Jurus-4 Jurus-5 Jurus-6 Jurus-7 Jurus-8 Jurus-9 Jurus-10 Jurus-11 Jurus-12 Jurus-13 Jurus-14 Jurus-15 Jurus-16 Jurus-18 Jurus-19 Jurus-20 Jurus-21 Jurus-22 Jurus-23
Gelanggang 3 - movement lightning -PERGADUHAN -PERMUSUHAN/ Vulcanic Hand -PERUBATAN -TONGKAT/ROTAN Weapon-BESI(KERIS,swordetc) -LEMBING/TOMBAK Weapon-Hikmat -Rank 9
Gelanggang 4 - SENAMAN Mahdi - Mahdi Healing -Mahdi Jurus 9-mysteries Out of body experience-supernatural
Gelanggang 5 - LINTAU -AMALAN/PETUA PANGLIMA Halilintar
Gelanggang 6 - Save teetotalism
Gelanggang 7 - Kekal movement
Gelanggang 8 - Subtle manipulation
Gelanggang 9 - mysteries / Rasa
Origin of Silat Teachers
Origin silat is a priest known by the name of Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Maamun. On this article was written when I had just received a call talipon of rakan seperguruan in Kuala Terengganu that says Murad Teachers (old teacher) has just died in 1245 h, 9/9/2008 illness because old . Alfatihah ...
Apart from teaching religious spirit Murad Teachers also teach silat. which consists of students who study religion with them. Silat usually commences after the lecture finished and religious practice run so that the middle of the night.
Before this in Tanjung Pinang silat has been in-perturunkan to a priest named master Guru Hj Selamat and from Tg Pinang Indonesia Silat is developed diKg Telok Romania, Johor, under the care Teacher Mokthar Bin Abu Bakar who was also aged approximately 100 years ... In Kuala Terengganu-silat is derived and developed olih soul Murad Teachers and also a representative of the teachers tauliah develop this silat diSeremban Negeri Sembilan. Before the soul Teachers Murad died he mentauliah have some expert in Silat-Kuala Terengganu to be expanded.
In an effort to expand silat this problem and also the various obstacles faced. Moreover various misguided teachings arising since last. Despite how to silat is not so. Apart from classroom training silat spirit Murad Teachers have to open the clinic perubatan Traditional house adjacent barrier diKg New Kuala Terengganu. In the clinic was also conducted religious classes by religious teachers for the bertauliah increase knowledge of experts in order to not get stuck on things that are not desirable and also the teachings songsang. Objectives this plan written so that experts always appreciate silat service teachers who have been in the sacrifice to give their business knowledge to us and sometimes we do not mutiny to our teachers than we are both parents. Sorry if there are words that I touch any party. Sekian. Wasalam. Thank you.